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Tree Care

Trees should be thought of as an investment, and like all investments, they require care. A properly cared for tree increases your property value, helps reduce energy costs by providing both shade and protection from winds, and enhances the appearance of your landscaping. Perhaps most importantly, a tree helps purify our air.

Investing in Tree Care

With proper care, your tree investment will help ensure that your tree will remain healthy and continue to grow. The prevention of a problem is far less costly than trying to correct a problem once it has occurred. A Certified Arborist can work with you to identify any tree health concerns and provide the necessary pruning, trimming, and fertilization to keep the tree healthy. Proper care by a Certified Arborist will protect your investment for generations to come.

Tree Care

Tree Evaluations

Inspections of Tree Health

A Certified Arborist has the education and training to identify a tree problem before it becomes serious or potentially fatal to the tree. It is recommended that a tree be inspected at least once a year to detect tree disease, insect damage, or environmental stressors. Your Certified Arborist will check for the appearance of new buds, leaf growth, twig growth, and ensure that there is no death in the upper part, or crown, of the tree.

Tree Evaluations & Consultations

Snip's Tree Service provides comprehensive evaluations of trees, including risk assessments. We check for disease, insects, defects, structure, and proper planting. Maintenance of declining trees can include fertilization and aeration of root zones and insect treatments.

If you notice an unusual lack of growth, trunk decay, or the appearance of dead or dying portions of the tree, it is important that you call a Certified Arborist such as Paul Oklevitch of Snip's Tree Service as soon as possible to assess the needs of the tree. A Certified Arborist will evaluate the tree's condition and determine the appropriate steps to save the tree. As last resort, a Certified Arborist can provide tree removal services if the tree is unsalvageable or poses a safety threat to people or property.

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Note: Information about the benefits of proper tree care provided courtesy of the ISA.