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Paul, not that you have any doubts that your nursing of the Senator is doing any good...
But as they say, the proof is in the pudding.

- Bob B.

The Senator: 2011 The Senator: 2016

Paul, just wanted to thank you for the professional job you and your crew did in trimming the trees in my yard! I felt comfortable with you during the estimate process and needless to say, I was very pleased my wife and I decided to use your services. You had a genuine concern for the appearance and “what was best” for the trees to continue to mature and develop. Your associates were very friendly and the “clean up” was excellent, I could hardly tell you had been there! Thank you again, you will be the first one we call in the future…

- Michael Solano

We used Paul and the Snips crew to remove a dead tree from the yard at our old house. Their service was prompt, professional, and affordably priced. Paul even took care of grinding the remaining stump—the crew did a great job cleaning up the yard before they left. We've since hired Snips to trim branches hanging over our roof and remove hazardous trees at our new house after we moved. We recommend Snips to all our friends and family needing tree work!

- Joan F., Fruit Cove

Snips helped us remove a dead tree from our property, and I was really impressed with their service. They did the work quickly and were very professional. If we had tried to remove the tree ourselves, I would have to worry about tree branches falling on our house—not to mention our own safety. Hiring an experienced tree guy to do the work gave me peace of mind. I knew Paul could do the job without damaging my property—and he did!

- Sondra T., Mandarin

I hired Snips because I thought I needed a tree removed, but I was very reluctant to do it. I love having trees in my yard! I thought if the tree could be saved, a certified arborist would know how to save it. I hired Paul and he was able to save the tree without removing it. Thanks Paul!

- Mike O., Mandarin

I just wanted to thank you and your guys for an excellent job yesterday.  You managed to get the large trucks in/out of our narrow gate and driveway without a scratch or mishap and the tree looks fantastic (again without a single broken limb).  Feel free to use us as a reference anytime.

- Henrik Bruun

Thank you and your crew (your climber was amazing!) for removing the huge gum tree terrorizing my roof. How you swung those branches away from the house and off my pavers I'll never know. Everyone was courteous, punctual and professional. I'll have you back in a couple of years to keep training my Live Oak tree.

- David M., Mandarin

What an amazing difference in our yard! Your tree climber is an artist when it comes to trimming the live oaks, magnolia, holly, crepe myrtles and palms. Even our overgrown hedge now looks terrific. You've got a great team! This was our first experience with you and your teammates and we feel comfortable in recommending you to family and friends!

- Bob P.

Paul Oklevitch and the entire crew of Snip's Tree Service are very skilled and honest, and we are always happy with their excellent service. Paul is very fair and spends a great deal of time making sure the job is done right and professionally. We can't say enough good things about this company and the people who work for Snip's. GREAT work and we highly recommend. - Brian N

AWESOME RESPONSE. Just unbelievable! I called Paul at 2:30 am just after I notified my Insurance company that there were 4 trees down on my roof during Hurricane Irma. OMG he answered the phone! His crew arrived at the house the next morning to remove the trees and put a tarp on the roof. He also returned to clear out the trees and limbs when it dried within 3 days. He and his crew removed a large tree from the neighbor's yard as a courtesy for letting them use their driveway while working on my damage. Thank you Paul and your crew! Paul is a Certified Abortionist and if you live in Mandarin you are a tree lover. He saved all three trees by pulling them back up using the neighbor's tree across the creek. Thank you all my neighbors for your courtesy! I live in Worthington Glen community. - Michele G

I had tree work done by Snip's Tree Service on three occasions most recently on May 15, 2017. They are professional tree experts that evaluate your tree needs and get the job done In a safe and timely manner. Whether removing large trees or just doing needed trimming there work is excellent and their price quotes are competitive. You get a good value with Snip's. Our homeowners association also voted to accept a bid from Snip's and they did an outstanding job on making our trees look better and also making them safer. - Ken Kennedy

We didn't need any tree removal, just trimming up some long neglected trees with several large hanging limbs that would eventually fall on the house or the neighbors' driveways. Did a great job according to me, my wife & our neighbors. Clean-up afterwards made it look like they were never there. Will recommend and will use again. - Bruce Gill

Efficient, clean, quiet. use annually to tune up the trees in our yard. not only a big help aesthetically with moss control but being proactive has probably saved us money in the long run as we have weathered many storms without any tree or. ranch related damage to the property. would recommend this company without reservation - Nikki R

I have used Snip's Tree Service for over 12 years and there is nobody I trust more. Paul is a gifted and dedicated Arborist who truly cares about his work and his customers. I have used him at 3 different houses for both big and small jobs and recommended him countless times. He does what is best for the trees to help them stay healthy, beautiful and live longer and never does anything unnecessary. Paul and his crew are professional, respectful and courteous every time I've seen and talked with them. His prices are always fair and he and the crew leave the yard in pristine condition, cleaning up and hauling away the debris as part of the job. I have used other services before I found Snip's and none compared to Paul and his team. If you want the best tree service, don't hesitate to use Snip's - 5 stars isn't a high enough rating! - Comfort for Animals

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